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On this week’s edition of ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK we are spotlighting Samiat Balogun, CEO of RIZEE Soda! 

Samiat Balogun, aka Sam is, to the best of my knowledge

The first ever individual to start an organic soda business in Nigeria.

What started out as a health fix in response to the ulcer pains she constantly received from drinking soft drinks like Coke and Fanta

Turned into a habit, a passion and now a budding business known as RIZEE Soda 

Who are the people that can benefit from RIZEE soda

We live in a world where there are people who have to be health conscious and (like me) cannot indulge in the norm,

they need someone looking out for them

they need options, they need variety

even those who may just want to live a healthy lifestyle and cut out the inorganic ingredients within regular soda.

(Pineapple Mint RIZEE) 

These are the individuals who will benefit from RIZEE

Can you spill a little on your secret process of making the sodas?

The first thing people need to know is that every order is a custom order. It cannot be delivered on the same day the order is placed hence you need to book in advance.

This is because the soda must organically pass through a process known as carbonation.

Regular sodas don’t necessarily have to go through this process because they are forcefully carbonated to quicken the process.

The carbonation Samiat executes is as healthy as can be such that one cup of sugar can be used to make a gigantic Gallon of soda and the taste of the fruits used will still blend efficiently to enhance your drink.

RIZEE Soda goes for N1000 a bottle with a whole lot of flavors that will having you looking and feeling right.

Order here and feel great knowing that your are supporting a small yet pioneer business .

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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