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He is popularly called Action, and for good reason.

This entrepreneur is one energetic ball of action, always teeming with ideas and working hard to achieve them.

Unlike the conventional entrepreneur with a business, Benjamin ‘Action’ Olufemi is more about the arts and crafts of Nigerian entertainment.

The young entrepreneur has refused to be stuck with corporate jobs, but is harnessing his acting, production, artiste and event management prowess.

Action sees an opportunity, whether in a situation or in a human being and he simply goes for it.

Speaking with the Accelerate team, Action says:

“I believe hard work and determination are important in everything you do. I am very focused on rebranding Nigeria’s entertainment industry. I recognise talents when I see them and I harness them to the greatest potential. I never give up .”

Benjamin is a Intelligence and Security Studies graduate of Afe Babalola University, Ekiti State.

The young graduate has been a front burner among the managers for the winner of the Big Brother Naija (BBN) 2017 reality show, Efe and his achievements in that regard are unquestionable.

More than that, Action has just concluded the first edition of his Action House Party in Abuja and it was a huge success.

Of the party, Action says he simply wanted to create an avenue for young people to meet, interact and socialise, without the restrictions of a formal club or event setting.

The success of the party has stemmed interests from around the country, hence bringing the preparations for a second edition in Lagos this year.

“I have already commenced planning for the Lagos edition of the Action House Party and it will be even bigger than the Abuja edition. We had so much fun partying on our own rules and Lagosians are so jealous, so we are bringing the party to them,” Action said.

The creative engineer, as we like to call him, is an actor and a publicist, among other crafts and here’s his advice to young Nigerians:

“It is not until you have millions in your account that you can start something. If you cannot use N10,000 to start something, then you will not achieve much with N100 million. So the ball is in your court. Just work hard and play right.”

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