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On this week’s edition of Entrepreneur of The Week, we are celebrating the multifaceted model turned international talent head hunter, TOSIN AMUSHAN

CEO and lead carpenter at GRANT QUARTERMAINE.

The owner of West Africa’s biggest furniture company opens up exclusively about the measures he’s had to go through to attain excellence,

the wins he garnered after joining under 40 CEOS, the icon who shaped him into the man he is today and so

What is unique in the service you are building?

Tosin Amusan: We come from a value background at Grant Quartermaine, it’s not just buying furniture from us, it’s about the value that comes with it.


What is one thing you wish someone had told you before starting your business?

Tosin Amushan: How difficult it would be…laughs

Is there any business accomplishment you wish to share?

Tosin A: A major accomplishment we were able to get right was the study and the analysis of the gap that exists between the quality of products that have been imported overseas and the ones manufactured locally.

From the results we’ve garnered, we’ve been able to deploy such technology and human capital resource in achieving the same quality as those imported goods.


If you weren’t doing this…what field of employment would you have pursued?

Tosin A: If I wasn’t a carpenter, I think I’d have been a lawyer

Who are you outside the office?

Tosin A: I do a lot of mentoring, I’m very family-oriented and I love playing golf.

What’s one item you cannot do without?

Tosin A: My mobile phone


Who is one icon you look up to?

Tosin A: He’s late now but the owner of IKEA, he managed to build a conglomerate out of minimalism and being altruistic.

What’s your advice to anyone thinking of following in your footsteps and becoming a successful CEO one day?

Tosin A:

It’s more than just saying I want to be my own boss/MD of a company.

It’s a garment that you need to wear. It needs to be like liquid through your body, you need to run with a passion.

And above everything, you must ask yourself…what value do I have?

What am I pushing out there, what is my value proposition?



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