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In honour of Women’s History Month 2021, we are spotlighting all our favourite and the most inspiring female bosses running black owned businesses.

Yes indeed, every female entrepreneur of the week (EOW) we have ever interviewed for the segment is a boss babe who deserves her accolades.

Scroll through to discover these phenomenal women and feel free to hold on to the vital piece of advice they’ve charged us never to forget.

Tosin Oshinowo of CM Design Atelier

We celebrate a phenomenal female who according to THE LADY BOSS PORTRAITS, never fails to Walk the Talk

The Lead Architect & CEO of CM Design Atelier and CEO of Ile Ila.

“I think it’s really important to have a dream set, have a clear direction on where you’re going to…but you must also pray for the wisdom to know when to change your plan.”


 Teni Sagoe of CLAN

We celebrate yet another phenomenal female, the CEO of one of Africa’s leading fashion designers and retailers, CLAN

“I’ve never been one to wait for a handout to get on with what needs to be done so I don’t wake up thinking I’m entitled to support. But do people need support?

Do people need money? Yes! All the time.

However, training to me is more valuable than money; and education is priceless. Therefore, the government, banks and anyone (with the influence and/or means to help) should kindly do so by offering sustained support.

Oluwafeyisayo Oyebisi of FEYZO! Makeup Artistry

We celebrate one of our favourite beauty professionals, the CEO and Creative Director at Feyzo! Makeup Artistry.

“ The biggest challenge in turning one’s passion for makeup into a career is getting past yourself.

You need to get past your fears of failure and the unknown.

Dwelling on those fears can end up crippling you instead of pushing you to make progress.

On the flip side, having fears can also be healthy if you channel that energy productively.”

Dupe Talabi of TASALA HAIR

We celebrate one of our favourite naturalistas, the CEO and Lead Stylist of TasalaHQ Hair & Beauty Salon, Dupe Talabi.

“The key advice I wish I knew before starting out in the hair business was – INVEST in your company’s structure. 

Structure is what will save you every time.  Also, at the risk of stating the obvious, make sure you know your craft.”

Valerie Obaze of R&R Beauty

Valeri Obaze R&R luxury

We celebrate R&R Beauty, the woman-owned and run business which not only survived the ever-changing economic landscape in Nigeria, but has grown and expanded beyond its place of origin for ten years.

“As a growing business, it is essential to be prepared for an emergency by keeping overheads low to be able to prioritise and adjust when needed.”











Temitope Olagbegi of Sixth Sense Interior

We celebrate the head curator and CEO of the stellar interior design company. 

“Understand your journey, come to terms with it, then inspire yourself and every other thing will follow.”










Tola Johnson of Agboola Farms


We celebrate the Managing Director of Agboola Farms, the biggest soya beans farm in Nigeria.

What to keep in mind to succeed in the agricultural sector -Run it not as a lifestyle but as a thorough business.

For example, you can pick one crop and become the icon in that field.

Then learn everything about that field and do it on an industrial scale.

I look forward to people entering this sector and finally shirking the perception that agriculture is a business for the poor.”

Elizabeth Elohor of Beth Model Africa

We celebrate the multifaceted model turned international talent headhunter

“While I did not make it as a Top model in the Miss Nigeria UK contest,

I recall my Mum would always say “Hard Work Pays and I should never give up.”


Rhoda Ebun of Roses & Thorns

We celebrate the multifaceted fashion consultant, fashionista and stylist.

“I’ve always been a supporter of ‘Made in Nigeria’; not only that, as a brand consultant, I work a lot with emerging fashion brands; helping them to build and define their brand is my passion”

Jamilla Joseph of SINORA BEAUTY

We are spotlighting the beautiful Creative Director and Head Formulator at SINORA BEAUTY COSMETICS.

“Have an idea on where you would like to start, if you have a passion for it it will come so naturally to you, you wouldn’t believe it!”

Ibiyinka Ibru of The Loungestyle

We celebrate the lingerie and loungewear business owner.

“Before I started my business I wish I was told to believe in myself no matter what…I was convinced that the pandemic would mean low consumer interest and sales but The Loungestyle ended up selling out in 2 weeks and doubling our customer base. So as cheesy as it sounds, I wished I was told to believe in myself more.”


We celebrate this Fashion enteepreheur who is using her brand to empowers artists & artisans through art, innovated into clothing.

“Dear Entrepreneur, don’t get distracted by Noise or focus on recognition and awards. Let your focus be on growing what you believe in, solve actual problems and the awards and recognition will come naturally”









Veronica Freddi of Lo Studio

We celebrate the queen of pilates and CEO of fitness studio- LO STUDIO

“Choose to do what you love, love it a bit more each day.


Samiat Bankole of RIZEE Soda


We celebrate the queen of healthy sodas, CEO of RIZEE SODA



“We live in a world where there are people who have to be health conscious and (like me) cannot indulge in the norm,

they need someone looking out for them. they need options, they need variety

even those who may just want to live a healthy lifestyle and cut out the inorganic ingredients within regular soda. 

These are the individuals who will benefit from RIZEE”




Ogochukwu Okafor of FRAYM Beauty

We are spotlighting the stunning entrepreneur whose brand – FRAYM Beauty and Cosmetics is reimagining thebeauty sector in Nigeria and beyond.

“Write down your all your ideas,

think of the most realistic way to come bring it to life,

be patient with all your formulas so you can get the best out in the market and lastly GOD! He is the author and finisher of it all”



 We celebrate  the queen of Protective Styling who curates Afrocentric pieces for the contemporary African woman that is fierce , knows what she wants and definitely is not afraid to go for it !



“When I went natural, I saw the lack of knowledge amongst students in my university ( who had natural hair ). 


I wanted an avenue where I could reach out to more of them and educate them about natural hair care and the beauty it holds, this is what birthed NHR and all the NHR events”








Ireti Zaccheus of STREET SOUK

We celebrate a young queen who is steadily taking her Streetwear fashion brand to new levels.

“Young Nigerian women are at the forefront of the most incredible things coming out of our country right now. They are thriving and breaking barriers in music, fashion, activism, arts, and journalism, to name a few. I’m inspired by them”


Bibi Bakumo-Adeuja of Bold Cosmetics

We celebrate the CEO of one of the leading beauty brands in Nigeria, BOLD COSMETICS.














By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono


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