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We here at Accelerate are beyond stoked about the upcoming European Premiere League Season.  And I can safely say this season has to be the most exciting one in a while because we have quite a lot of things to look out for;

1) Manchester Manager Wars: Holla here it is, the long awaited new series of Pep Guardiola versus Jose Mourinho. And we are hoping for a classic rerun of the meltdown that made the Barcelona/Real Madrid years so special. We are seeing signs that both managers are making an effort to coexist. Last month Pep Guardiola denied he’d spend the season refusing to shake Jose’s hand, he said ‘We are polite guys, why not shake? No reason and Jose says he is completely over it. Individual fights make no sense in England. If I focus on him and him on me, someone else is going to win the league’. Easier said that done guys. We’ll see what happens when they meet for the first time at Old Trafford on 10 September! The real life clash of the titans…

2) Zlatan’s time impact: Having announced his next destination first on his social media page before Manchester united did and with Hollywood hashtag – #iamcoming, self-billed ‘King’ and ‘Legend’. Zlatan Ibrahimović needs to deliver on time. He says he’s prepared to share the headlines with colleagues, including Wayne Rooney. ‘Every big payer can work with other big players. That is not a problem. I see no problem here. Just successes.‘  So Zlatan Time it is.

3) Can Leicester do it again for the Football Gods: Leicester’s opening match against newly- promoted Hull leaves them with a good chance of avoiding becoming the first ever premier league team to lose the first match of their title defense, few teams have a tougher looking start to their campaign. The Foxes are the only club to face five of the current six title favorites in their 10 fix fixtures, so they will face a stern early examination of their ability to repeat last season’s incredible title win.

4) Tottenham: If there was a chance for them to win the EPL it was last year. So close and now they have added Wanyama and goal machine Vincent Janssen so they are definitely going to be exciting to watch them this season.

5) We Meet Again:  Jose Mourinho won the premier league with Chelsea on three locations and it may well be an emotional occasion on the 22nd of October when he takes his new side ‘Manchester united to Stamford Bridge. Will Stamford Bridge be falling down?’

6) Arsenal: So far they have only brought Xhaka but if they land a proven striker, it will be interesting to see how Ozil and Xhaka can create chances for him and lead the team to victory.


Written by Damilola Okejide