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Being engaged for 15 months and still remain unmarried can fuel rumours of a breakup. These rumours which have been gathering momentum for weeks has prompted Eva Alordiah to address it.


She said on Instagram via a video:

“For your official information, yes I have been engaged for 15 months and in that 15 months that I have been engaged, I have been dating my sweetheart for 16 months. So do the maths. So please, leave me alone to do my dating. Some people have been dating for five years, and they will get married after five years. Other people are dating for 13 years and they will get married after 13 years. Me I’m still engaging and dating altogether. I’m still just dating my bobo. When it’s time for marry, I marry. It doesn’t mean I engage and marry sharp sharp.”

Caesar Ume-Ezeoke engaged Eva at the Headies Awards last year.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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