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Cardi B’s  hit single ‘WAP’ was born out of the lockdown forced by the coronavirus pandemic and her music engineer Evan LaRay Brunson spoke to Grammy.com on how the song came about. 

According to Brunson, Cardi had recorded her first verse of ‘WAP’ back in 2019, before abandoning the track which she didn’t revisit till the enforced lockdown.

“We had that song since last year. Since COVID-19 happened, we were going over songs, and she was like, ‘I like this,'” Brunson stated. “She caught the vibe again and laid the second verse down.”

Cardi treats recording sessions almost like a work shift in which she clocks in and out, according to Brunson. He said this allowed Cardi to spend time with her daughter, Kulture; however, fears over the virus resulted in longer studio sessions, which led to creating about 15 new songs which are still unreleased.

For the first three months of the pandemic, Cardi B and members of her team, which include Brunson and others, rented a house in California, which was stacked up with studio equipment needed for recording, and this led to the final completion of ‘WAP’.

Brunson also hinted about a new smash hit song on Cardi’s long-awaited sophomore album, but also added that fans probably won’t hear it until we get closer to the project’s release: “She was like, ‘We’re going to save that until we feel we’re ready for the album to come out’.”


By: Muyiwa Aguda

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