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Recently, I have become obsessed with Korean dramas. I feel like I got into the vibe too late but hey, better late than never. Some of these shows were produced as far back as 2008 but that doesn’t make them any less good. So in case you’ve been lost in the dark like me, here are some of the best Korean shows out there:



Boys Over Flowers: This series shows almost everyone’s high school nightmares wants (if you went to a mixed school). This unpopular girl gets the attention of the most famous and richest group in the school. She gets the dream guy of every girl (rich and handsome) but this obviously comes with a few hitches.


city hunter

City Hunter: Nothing gets a girl’s heart melting more than a guy that is handsome and on some lifelong quest to make the world a better place. We need more of those in our society obviously, handsome and a black belt holder in Karate.


Personal Taste

Personal Taste: In this drama series, a young architect pretends to be gay just to become the roommate of a girl who lives in a uniquely designed house so that he could get design inspired so as to save his business. Of course, things take a turn.


Playful Kiss


Playful Kiss: A girl confesses her love to the genius in her class through a letter and instead of a reply, got graded for her poor grammar. Imagine the embarrassment. Fate finally brings them together as their families live in the same house due to an earthquake. This drama shows them going back and forth about their feelings and relationships throughout their secondary and university education.

These series are just a few of the Korean shows we are hooked on right now. Any more you think we should know about? Comment below and share the love for Korean dramas.