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1- ‘Can’t I just escape?’

Work 11

2- ‘Am I really getting out of this bed?’

Work 1

3-‘Look at the new kid. Eya…’

Work 12


4- ‘Is that the time!?’

Work 2

5- =‘The sleep I’m going to sleep ehn…’

Work 3

6- ‘Time for a quick toilet nap.’

Work 4

7- ‘Definitely shouldn’t have gone to Grill at the Pent last night…’

Work 5

8- *everytime anyone says anything* ‘Wait what????’

Work 6

9- ‘Almost time to go home!’

Work 7

10- ‘Man, if I had money…’

Work 8

11- ‘To quit or not to quit. That’s really the question.’Work 9

12- ‘Whoops, boss is looking at me. Act natural!’

Work 10

LMAO! These are really hilarious expressions. Got any more for us? Hit us up in the comments section below.

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