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The press announcement for the Lagos Fashion Awards (LFAs) occurred yesterday at an interesting space in the heart of Ikoyi.

The event was small and wholesome.

Familiar faces in the industry were in attendance as usual (your fave designers, stylists, models and fashion influencers.)

Fayrouz sponsored the mocktails.

Martini sponsored the cocktails.

MAC Cosmetics represented the beauty aspect;

I felt like the cat that got the cream when I received the goody-bags holding my fave lipstick shade and a gorgeous purple eyeshadow.

But I digress 🙂

Reasons To Celebrate The Introduction Of The LFAs

Birthed from the organizers of the Creative Fashion Design Collective (CFDC), the Lagos Fashion Awards was formed to showcase and reward the cumulative outstanding achievements of the fashion industry in West Africa.

It aims to unite veteran practitioners and emerging design talents whilst educating the world on the importance of Fashion to the economy and the vast roles in the field.

When asked why she felt the need to introduce this event Creative Director, Bolaji Animashaun made things clear and concise.

She noticed the gap in the market and took it upon herself to reward the cumulative outstanding achievements of the fashion industry across West Africa.

Her aim is to let these individuals feel seen and appreciated for pioneering change in the world through fashion.


If you thought things couldn’t get better, think again.

The Lagos Fashion Awards has a younger sister initiative known as

‘ The Next Generation Programme ‘

It was created for young emerging trailblazers in the fashion and lifestyle industry, geared towards actualizing their full potential through training courses, business mentoring and a talent incubator program.

I remember my younger sister being home on holiday from her GCSE’s and not being able to channel her love for art through mentorship or internships because the rigid standards in place only accept University graduates.

If everybody ignores the youth, and nobody trains their mind and nurture them, how will you expect any university graduate to give you full productivity?

Well done Bolaji and everyone behind this!


Nominees for the award categories will be selected by an esteemed panel.

Followed by a live nomination announcement on April 9th, 2020.

 “The Lagos Fashion Awards” is set to be held on the 2nd of May 2020 at the monumental Lagos City Hall in Lagos, Nigeria.


The Categories for the awards include;

-Emerging Designer of the year

-Photographer of the year

-Style Icon of the year

(Which is a viewer’s choice category that allows the public to engage in the process and vote for their style favorites).



 “There needs to be a general collective confidence in the industry, and making sure that everyone feels they are heard and seen in the fashion industry by also recognizing the people behind the scenes such as the models and makeup artists”

I am optimistic that it will showcase and present an opportunity to remake the industry’s attitude towards individual contributions.

But I truly hope the LFAs does not fall victim tot he Lagos family and friends syndrome whereby what was once laudable becomes a venue of ‘see and be seen’, social bullying and favoritism.

The Lagos Fashion Awards is proudly supported by International Trade Center, The Assembly, The Plug and Trace TV.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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