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It’s been called a staycation, or a vacation spent on your home turf. It’s possible to have a better vacation at home since you’re saving so much money on travel, lodging, and food. You can spend some of that money at a high-end restaurant or golf course. There’s no reason to be upset if you can’t afford a week in Calabar. You can find plenty to do at home! Avoid the stress of travelling, sleeping in a different bed, and paying too much to eat every meal at a restaurant. Spend that money on more enjoyable activities.


Spend the day at the beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near a lake or the ocean, a day at the beach is a good way to spend the day. Work on your tan and get some exercise swimming.

Spend the day at the pool

Those without access to a beach can take advantage of the next best thing: the local pool. Splurge for snacks and live it up.

Have a picnic

Whether it’s at the park, pool, or beach, a picnic provides a relaxing, enjoyable time. Pack your favourite foods and bring your favourite people. A bottle of wine can be a nice touch.

Read a book

It can be hard to find time to read when you always seem to be busy with work. Take advantage of your free time and relax with a good book. You might even find the time to get a library card. Then your books are free.

Spend a day at the movies

Pack in three or more movies on the same day. The real cost is the food. Consider watching one movie, then heading out for lunch. You’ll be full and satisfied for the next couple of movies.

Have friends over for a movie night

Stay at home and rent movies on demand. Invite over a few friends and tell them to bring their favourite snacks.

By Damilola Faustino

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