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Whenever you buy a first class or business class ticket, you expect to get value for money, including getting a first class treatment. So what are some of the exclusive things you will enjoy when you fly first class? We share some of them:

first class flight

Fly in a Suite

Book this flying suite for yourself and a guest, and you two can enjoy your own personal living room, divided bedroom, and ensuite shower room. The living room has a leather sofa and two dining tables for relaxing or eating in front of your 32-inch flat-screen television, and the bedroom has a 6-foot 10-inch double bed that’s made up with designer Italian linens. The bedroom also has its own 27-inch flat-screen television so you can watch a movie as you fall asleep.

Get chauffeured to & from the airport for free

Cancel your rideshare—if you’re flying Business Class on an international airline like Turkish Airlines. The airline will send a luxury car and driver to come to pick you up and take you to the airport or your destination after landing. Just tell them your flight details and they will get you there on time and in style.

Have an intense business meeting

At a few thousand dollars per seat, you have no excuse not to work if your company is financing your business-class ticket. The Business Class Q-Suites offer groups of four seats (two forward-facing and two aft-facing) that can be combined into a flying conference room, with media panels in between to display your exciting PowerPoint presentations.

Take a shower

Taking a shower while flying through the clouds has got to be a pretty bizarre feeling, but you can enjoy it on either Etihad Airways or Emirates Airline if you’re flying in First Class. Briefly. Both airlines only allocate approximately five minutes of hot water per person, so you’ll have to soap up quickly unless you like cold showers.

Get a massage

Worn out by the rigors of travel? Some airlines have a built-in massage feature, so you can work out those knots at 35,000 feet. And if you want to take your massage on your back, the chairs fully recline into a lie-flat bed.

By Damilola Faustino

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