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Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features, when they are well groomed and shaped they can enhance facial features and bring out the pop of color of your your eyes. Therefore, proper grooming is essential.

Eyebrow threading is a great way to maintain the beauty of your eyebrows. Although threading is more expensive than waxing or tweezing, you would surely get the value for your money because threading does not have the possibility of lifting, tearing or over-exfoliating the skin.

Eyebrow threading can be more painful than waxing and tweezing but it is a more precise method of hair removal and can achieve a detailed definition of the eyebrow shape. Threading is a more safer and sanitary option because only the thread is touching your skin and it is thrown away after each use.


Most people choose threading because it involves no chemical application to the skin, threading is also a much quicker hair removal method as long as the person threading your brows is experienced, you’ll have beauty, long lasting well defined brows.

By: Oretha Chukwukere

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