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You have probably come across pictures of face rollers on your Instagram feed or seen one used while watching a skincare routine video and wondered what the tool is or what it does.
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Quite simply, face rolling is the act of using a face roller to massage your face.

Recently, there have been a number of debates on whether or not face rollers are an essential and effective inclusion to beauty and skincare routines. While a number of people believe that they do not produce any results, others swear by the results they have seen the practice produce. Of course, such a debate is not surprising in the beauty industry as a number of regimens, routines and products just don’t apply to everyone. Either way, there’s no harm in exploring the benefits you can gain from face rollers.

face rolling

The Chinese have used face rollers for years but it has gained a lot of popularity in recent times.
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These face rollers vary in size, colour and material. Ideally, face rollers look like mini paint rollers and are usually made from jade stones, rose quartz or other crystals. There are face rollers made from two stainless steel balls and some with little needles (derma rollers) specifically for microneedling. Essentially, they are used to gently massage the face and add multiple benefits to your skin.

One of the prominent benefits of face rolling is lymphatic drainage. In our bodies, lymph nodes carry nutrients that help our immune systems battle…

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