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When face wipes came into the makeup world, many people were awed by such genius. It seemed like the best time saver for removing all facial impurities and make-up.
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Imagine how hearts were broken when dermatologists warned that the alcohol content could cause dryness of skin and wrinkles due to the rubbing action we employ when using these wipes. It was also said to cause breakouts when all the impurities have not been removed or have been moved around instead. Why must everything be so hard!?

Well actually, it musn’t. There are some face wipes that are actually ok, if not flat out good for your skin. Here are three face wipes that you can use in peace:

face wipes biodermaBioderma: The cloths are infused in super cleansing micellar solution that removes the make-up quickly, and leaves the skin soothed and ready for the next step of your beauty regime.

eyeko face wipesEyeko: If you have ever been in a position where you keep wiping off your smokey eye make-up but it never comes off fully, then this is for you. This wipe is made especially for the eyes with olive oil to remove even waterproof mascara and Aloe extract to soothe.

Face wipes3Neal’s Yard Remedies: For environmental enthusiast who still want to have beauty regime, these wipes are made from biodegradable organic cotton. It has an Aloe feature that soothes the skin and it remains moist in its resealable pack.

Truthfully, there is nothing better than washing your face. Alternatively, some people actually prefer cleansers because the wipes almost seem redundant. However, there are just some days that wipes seem like a better option. And no, they are not meant for everyday beauty regime. They may have their flaws but there are some occasions where they are the best option. Like most of our tips, the golden rule is quality. If and when you may have to use them, you have to use high-quality wipes that is gentle on your skin and don’t forget to wash your face afterwards. They are available at Essenza stores in Nigeria.

Written by Nkem Ikeh
Image source: vogue.co.uk

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