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Once you get the works of your beauty regimen, the very fist and most basic thing you include in your routine is regular facial cleansing. But, as basic as this is, it is not so simple. There are techniques to it and there are mistakes that can easily cause breakouts. Check some out below:


Stop using face wipes

It might be time to break up with the face wipes; yes we know they’re the easy option, but at what price to your skin? The majority are loaded with chemicals which, sure, will dissolve your makeup, but these chemicals can damage your skin. Not to mention the scrubbing involved on a stubborn scrap of mascara, all that pulling is a massive no-no around your delicate eyes.

Going hardcore on oily skin

Sure, it seems only logical to go hardcore on oily skin and opt for grainy washes that will remove the grease. But the fact is if you go too harsh you’re making the problem worse, as skin’s natural response when it’s stripped is to just produce more oil.

Washing only once

Think of all the things you wear on our skin can build up over time. Add to that the makeup you wear and pollution from city air and you’ll soon realise that just one wash is only scratching the surface. At night, once you’ve rinsed your cleanser away, go in for a second round; this extra lather will work down deep to really reach into pores.

Switching between hot and cold water

Hot water doesn’t open pores and cold water won’t close them either. In fact, switching from hot to cold will only put skin into shock, so turn that tap around mid-way and keep it lukewarm, please.

Soaking up cream cleansers

Cream cleansers are soothing on dry skin, and sometimes it’s tempting to let them sit so your pores can soak up the goodness. Stop right there though, because these cleansers aren’t meant to be sinking in, as once they do they’re less effective at cleansing the surface of the skin.

By Damilola Faustino

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