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Written By Damilola Faustino

Lyrical artist, 9ice recently released a single titled ‘Living Things’ where he purportedly reeled out the names of Yahoo Boys (Internet Fraud).

Perhaps, this did not go down well with Falz who expressed his opinion on musicians that encourage Internet fraud (Yahoo-Yahoo).


The rapper said:

“You are an entertainer in a position as a role model to younger ones coming up and in your musical record you are greeting all the yahoo boys, you are greeting all the  fraudsters, calling their names personally, hailing them, ‘wire wire, mo fe cha che’, all this culture you are making the young ones think it’s cool to do it. It’s not, you are destroying our future.  As an entertainer, sing about something that can help our life, paint a picture, tell a story, don’t glorify fraudulent behaviour it’s not good.”

Since it was a subtle shade at 9ice, the artiste did not take time to respond saying his song doesn’t promote fraud or fraudsters.

His words: “It’s not about promoting fraud so to speak, it’s about someone who wakes up in the morning and needs to go and earn a living. It’s not negative, it’s positive, you just have to be in that realm to understand what the song is all about,” the singer explained. Watch:

Quite interesting.  What do you think.

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