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By Damilola Faustino

How far can a fan go to impress his or her favourite act? A man has claimed that he robbed a bank in order to impress Taylor Swift.

taylor swift

According to a police report, Bruce Rowley was arrested in Ansonia, Connecticut after confessing to committing a bank robbery and then throwing some of the money over the fence of Swift’s Rhode Island home.

Rowley entered a bank and demanded money from a teller. The report states that he did not show a weapon and didn’t make any threats. The amount of money turned over to Rowley is not known.
Rowley was later spotted by state troopers in Rhode Island, with a chase ensuing into the neighbouring state of Connecticut.

The man claimed to have been trying to contact Swift but found that she wasn’t home. He told police he had a crush on Swift and planned on donating some of the money he stole to the police force as a way of impressing the singer.
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