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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

With the current flood devastation in Markurdi, Benue State, Nigerian Singer, Sean Tizzle has offered to help with some donations, but with a condition attached.

The singer took to Twitter to announce this, saying he will donate 10 Naira for every retweet he gets.

He tweeted, “With the current situation in Benue, I am pledging 10N for every RT this gets! Please forward this so we can help out those in need!”

Following his tweets, some fans blasted him for trying to help with a condition attached, saying he is trying to use some other people’s tragedy to gain cheap publicity.

Some of the tweets read,

“10naira for every RT? good to ve thought to help but this is a PR failure considering u don’t ve to make noise if u wanna help anyone”

“Charity for publicity..sad”

“That was one of those “Look at this shit” retweets. Trying to use people’s tragedy for twitter publicity.”

“Replying to @iamseantizzle

The questions is Why am I even following u?”

However, while he’s getting bashes from some, others are praising him for the decision. See the tweets below.

“How is this a PR failure? RTs means more people see the tweet creating awareness and possibly more help. Learn to appreciate people!”

“This guy is trying to create awareness through RTs”

“He said he’ll donate x10 d no. of rts this gets & 2 y’all r blabbing?  If this gets 100k rts, no b 1m b dat?  Tizzle baby, Bless you!!”

“Can we all see the good intention behind this tweet and stop criticizing every thing u see here..most of y’all can’t even do shit.”

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