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Filmed over the course of the entire final year, the documentary grounded itself by focusing on a few select members of the massive team that brings the show together. It also shows that there are a  a ton of people-on-screen, but there are even more people behind the scenes in massive warehouses building prosthetics, costumes, putting on makeup, working out fight choreography, stunt people … and those are just the people that deal with the actors.

The documentary also shows us Night King actor Vladimir Furdik, hair supervisor Candice Banks who’s been turning Clarke into Daenerys Targaryen for years now, and even the woman who maintains the food truck that keeps the cast and crew well fed through the long days and cold nights of shooting this season.They even have a snow guy, Del Reid. It’s absolutely crazy that this was even a job, and yet Reid absolutely owns it.

Here is how some fans on Twitter reacted to the documentary:



By: Dammy Eneli

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