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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Following her Halloween on-air pass out yesterday, Wendy Williams has come out to say she is ok and is now hydrating.

Wendy Williams passes out on stage

The TV personality noted that she had only been overheating in her costume when she passed out during her ‘Wendy Williams SHow’ at halloween.

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Meanwhile, fans are speculating that the star may have some more serious illness than simply overheating and dehydration.

People are suspecting either a neurological problem or a stroke and advise her to go for a proper check up.

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  • selenenicoleAll signs of a stroke..She even mispronounced her words
  • lady_luck89@pamr_y14 yea, a lot of people who are in the medical field are saying it looked like she had a mini stroke, and that she should have been sent to the hospital immediately after.😕 I just hope she feels better🙏🏾.
  • pamr_y14I thought she was having a stroke horrible
  • tierra35jwI’m glad your okay Wendy,see a doctor baby sis. make sure your okay
  • whatsyourdestinyThis is exactly what a stroke looks like. I truly hope she gets adequate medical treatment, regardless of what her team calls it.
  • curly_pyt_Her eyes are glossy and I really don’t believe it… Her words weren’t clear and that with the eyes and passing out falling is a sign of stroke… She needed to go to doctor to get a clot buster smh hope she really seriously ok
  • blessedbougiebeautyNaw. She had a small stroke, def not faint
  • brinabombshellThat was a minor stroke or heart attack for real 😳. Nothing about this is funny.
  • micahabrooksShe most likely had a TIA (Mini stroke)
  • k1ngcobra06Did she over heat or did she have a stroke ? That appeared more on the lines of a stroke. She was stumbling over words, her body went into a shock and then she passed out.
  • la_mode_africaine_Sorry how old is she 70? She needs to rest. She needs to go and have a seat somewhere.
  • full_woman_full_spiritGlad she’s fine. I do hope it isn’t something serious or any medical ish
  • revdrcraigLooks like a TIA to me.
  • doradelight2Looks more like a minor stroke attack
  • ijeomanwaigweThat look on her face is sooo real. Fainting spell is not a small thing. Everything begins to fade away and your breath tightens around your chest. You gasp and grasp fighting for your consciousness until it over powers you. It is not a joke I tell you. Wishing her speedy recovery.
  • mamab3ar4Look like a stroke…sad..get better wendy

We hope she’s ok.

What do y’all think?

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