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Written by Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

As the business of flowers becomes increasingly tend-driven and social media savvy, fashion folk are tapping the opportunity.

In Fashion, flowers are not just used for Valentine’s Day – they are for please, thank you and, quite simply, for life.

Fashion’s affinity for floristry has become larger since the debut haute couture by Ralf Simon for Fashion Brand Christian Dior in 2012.

He also famously commissioned Belgian Florist Mark Colle to bedeck the walls of a 16th arrondissement hotel peculiar with thick beds of flowers, each room a different colour and variety.

It’s undeniable that fashion has always had a love for floristry. Christian Dior would name his design after flowers from his beloved Granville Garden and Roy Halston would spend six- figures sums on white orchids at the height of his career.

Now, the higher end of floristry is becoming an increasingly fashion-like business. It’s seen that social media and fashion moments ignite horticultural trends: in turn, some fashion folks are creating floristry businesses that are disrupting the market with international, tech-savy services, while others are seizing opportunity in more traditional Operations.

Melissa Alexander, former Fashion Stylist and model agent, set up JamJar Flowers eight years ago, and has built a business based on her love of natural blooms and rustic glass containers. “Although Fashion and Flowers seem effortlessly entwined; the perfect fit: an obvious match,” says Alexander, who adds that social media has been instrumental in her business’s success as she never advertised it.

Flower Fashions don’t change quite as often as the collection do but nevertheless flowers and the way of arranging them go in and out of fashion in exactly the same way.

“Flowers have always complimented Fashion”, says Flora Starkey, who became a florist five years ago after running her own Fashion Label, Superfine. Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, comme des Gracons and Vivienne Westwood are clients. “Working in Fashion for years before moving into Floristry totally shaped a lot of the way that I approach working with flowers. Apart from the obvious casual connections between the two worlds colour, shape, texture, composition – it gave me a love of working as part of a creative team.”

Lastly in the words of floral designer Rowan Lewis – Flowers can never look ugly and that’s why they are so great for producing content.”

Photo Credit: BOF

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