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Someone should seriously make a book of commandments for mixing prints. The rules are endless, and for good reason, because some combinations are just plain wrong and outdated.

If your search for these rules led you to this page, hopefully the points below guide you in creating stunning print mixes you can be proud of.

1. Match colours: There’s nothing louder than combining busy prints with mismatched colours. Seriously, it literally screams CRAZY if you get our drift, so tone things down a bit. Pink on orange, yellow on green or red on purple are absolutely no-nos. Colour wheel opposites, on the other hand? Slaying!


2. Same pattern, inverted colours: This looks awesome with ranges of black/white stripes, paired up with slim pants. Large stripes on top, and small below, it doesn’t matter. Just have fun with the inverted-ness.

3.  Add a neutral third: Still a bit skeptical about this matching prints business? Simply include a neutral colour – a black, white, cream or brown perhaps? – for a safer look. Another way to rock this style is to literally break up the prints with a neutral in the middle.

4. Polka dots and stripes are besties: You can never truly clash with these two, especially if your colours are calmly toned. Polka dotted skirts and A line skirts look good, and with a hint of red to look extra sleek.

5. Use your accessories wisely: Splitting up prints with a solid-coloured belt can do wonders to your look. Pay attention to your shoes, because remember they’re the first things people see when you enter the room. The wrong accessory can make things look crazy, so be careful with what you choose.


For more style do’s and don’t’s, stay right here on Accelerate. 

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images/Inspo: Buzzfeed

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