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Someone once said that stripes are like LBDs (little black dresses) simply because they never go out of style. Wear them with caution though because one wrong move, and you could end up looking like someone straight out of jail. Or even worse, depending on how you see it, several kilos heavier.

Check out our list of fashion tips to help you look fab in stripes. It’s not as difficult as others make it seem, trust us.

1. Vertical + Horizontal: This combination of stripes is an absolute no no.  It’s too busy and can look hideous if not done right. The solution – pair them up with plain nudes, creams, blacks and whites. Solids more or less.


2. Go VerticalLadies on the shorter side should embrace vertical striped skirts. The illusion of height they give is unreal, even when paired with flats.


3. Play with widths: Have large hips? It’s best to avoid wide striped dresses or skirts. Wear alternatives with dark, medium stripes instead. They make you look thinner instead.


4. Say no to clown socks: No matter how tempting they may seem, wearing wide horizontal socks is never a good idea. It just makes you look like a played out clown. You can never go wrong with simple colors and styles.

5. Play it safe with accessories: Still not convinced about stripes? Striped accessories are your best friend, dear. From cute heels to a funky bag, they go nicely with most outfits. Case in point, this cute clutch.


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