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The mobile phone has become one of the handiest inventions of all time. it has given us the power to have the world at our fingertips. You can check Instagram, message friends and stay educated all with one tiny device. How then can the fashion business become one that can be run solely on the mobile phone? This is different from creating websites that are mobile friendly.
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Stephan Schambach CEO and founder of NewStore, a mobile retail platform tags this ‘mobile-up’. He explains that this is a whole new starting point for the organisation that can unlock three opportunities:

mobile up1

Getting closer to your customer: Every business is expected to have a strong relationship with its customers. This is because they are the base for the success or downfall of your business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they all have a ceiling to how personal a brand can get on such sites. But with the mobile, the story is different. Brands can take advantage of the mobile possibilities to have a direct contact to their customers and vice versa. This is a perfect way to humanize the brands. Brands can send mass emails to their customers which they can never reply to. With the mobile, the possibilities are yet to be uncovered. They can identify innovative ways or native apps that can reshape the interaction between brand and customers.

mobile up interaction

Increasing customer loyalty: Since they can get direct access to the customer, brands can monitor behavioural changes of the consumer. This means offering exclusive experiences, products and interactions to the customers directly. This ensures a means of nurturing a relationship and using impactful techniques to ensure they are loyal to the brand. It gives the customer some form of confidence and power to know that they have control of their favourite brands in the palm of their hands.

mobile up build communities

Creating communitiesComputers and web browsers enable the brand to create a relationship which is a definitive step towards the right direction. However, this relationship doesn’t have the same feel as the mobile. Mobiles enable you to build communities in the best possible way. It encourages two-way communication between brands and customers, which takes the relationship to a whole new level. This can range from interacting on social media to texting or calling a store associate, gives the customer a sense of adding value to the brand. One way or another, other enthusiasts of the same brand will find their way to becoming more like a family brought together by one product.

Mobile has the potential of being the highest form of engagement ever, but it requires more input by the brand. The possibilities are already available on the mobile, it is left for brands to recognise this and use it to their advantage. It is time to build your fashion brand mobile-up.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: firstmetvictoria.com, chatelaine.com, innovatingmediagroup.com

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