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Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Wallet, bag, Sunglasses?

Are you for real?!


You live in Nigeria and you don’t have a pair of sunglasses? Get with the program!

Check, check and yep, we live in Nigeria its summer all year round, sunglasses are “that” important.

We are in the hot season of the year and it’s imperative to always have a pair of sunglasses at hand.

Frankly, in Nigeria, wearing a pair of sunglasses is as important as having a good pair of shoes on – it is more of a necessity than most people think. Especially since the sun rays these days ain’t smiling at all.

Like most, we revel in the chance to bathe in a spot of sunshine the moment that summer rears its beautiful sunny head.

The problem is that every year round, at about the same time, we manage to misplace our sunglasses from the previous heatwave.

Okay, we lie. We haven’t lost our shades at all-we simply want a new pair and, girl, are there some good styles around right now.

Accelerate Fashion has scoured the best online shops, as well as looked at the biggest trends of the season, to find a multitude of frames you can’t fail to fall in love with.

From Gucci’s fabulous rhinestone sunnies to the classic Ray-BAN Wayfarers, and trendy classic dap mod, we guarantee there is something for everyone: from classic to tally crazy.

So before you start panicking about what to wear when the inevitable sun rays or shine hit, in the meantime, at least make all your outfits summer ready with a decent pair of sunglasses.

See photos below:







Creative Direction and styling:  Eidusi Patrick Eromosele  – @pathrik_

Model: Adun Osilowo – @adun_osilowo

Photography: Ogoh Clement – @ogoh_clem


Written by: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

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