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FASHION FINDS: Dricky Denim For The 90’s Babies

We love a good denim moment here at the fashion corner and these Dricky-rized Denim pieces are hitting our nostalgic nerves pretty hard!

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Customised Kim Possible Denim Trousers 

The 90’s babies would recognize these classic animations in a heartbeat.

Customised Fred Flinstones Denim Jacket 

However, our focus should be on Dricky’s masterful skill.

Customised Bubbles Mom Jeans 

Dricky’s Denim portrays intricate designs, he blends colours expertly…

Customised Butter up Denim Mask 

and blesses each garment (canvass) with passionate strokes that pay homage to the 90’s cartoons we so much loved.


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono