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Inspired by Episode 6 of Rate The Date, our fashion editor has curated the date night outfits worn by IK

(one half of our tv couple) and where you can purchase similar items to keep you looking just as cute.


On episode 6, we were introduced to IK


Watch Here: Rate The Date; Would You Sign A Prenup With Your Partner? (Ep 6)

For his date, IK was absolutely debonnaire in a navy blue traditional attire paired expertly with a flat top round hat.

We could not ignore the fashionista’s hint of red on his attire

(spotted in the pocket area of his trad)

Such a slight inclusion completely elevated the entire look and scored IK a strong A* for outfit.

ATAFO currently has a traditional attire set that is a great alternative to IK’s look plus the fit can be rocked in 3 different ways to ensure you stay versatile and fresh with your look.

Delve into these alternatives  below;

1. Four Piece Traditional Attire

The four-piece set consists of the hat, the jacket, the sleeveless vest and the matching trousers.

Rock theattire as is, to make a lasting statement this Friday.



2. Sleeveless Vest Trad Outfit With Cap

Alternatively, you could rock your traditional attire waistcoat on its own with the cap.

Opt for a white shirt to be worn inside or rock as a sleeveless fit – the choice is yours.


3. Cap Or No Cap?

This third look can be rocked without a cap at all or you can introduce either a baseball cap and trainers or a cap like IK’s with smart sandals on the feet.

To purchase a hat like IK’s, follow the link below;

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono