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FASHION FINDS: Rate The Date Night Outfit (TIMOTHY)

Inspired by Episode 8 of Rate The Date, our fashion editor has curated the date night outfits worn by TIMOTHY aka Tim

(one half of our tv couple) and where you can purchase similar items to keep you looking just as cute.


On episode 7, we were introduced to Timothy

What influences Timothy’s style?

My love for the smart professional vibes, if I had a chance, would probably wear a suit everywhere I go

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For his date, Tim must have followed our ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ Rule

He showed up to the date dressed to the nines in a pink smart casual T.M. Lewin top

What inspired the pink shirt?

Not a lot of guys are comfortable wearing pink in Lagos, I wanted to prove that it works plus it complements my skin tone perfectly

Paired with black denim trousers

and all black mules.

The inspiration for my whole look was your smart casual after work look

Scroll to see where to purchase a similar fit and be sure to comment below if timothy nailed the smart-casj look or not

1. Pink Shirt From Metro Man

As more men are making a case for pink outfits this summer 2020, it’s my job as the fashion editor to ensure I’m getting you the best deals out there to facilitate your slay and help you achieve the trend without hurting your pockets.

This pink shirt from Metro Man‘s ASARO 2 piece set is a perfect example of that.

3. All Black Mules

There’ a range of mules out there from Gucci mukes worth hundreds of thousands of naira to fancy mules you can get from JUMIA for a fraction of the Gucci price.

If you’re not in the mood to splurge yet you desire quality, durable footwear

that will enable you to stand out like Timothy, shop this pair below

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono