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Being single can be a nightmare for some. If ever you find yourself in this period of your life and you have decided to get back on the horse, keep these in mind (and no, it’s not all wardrobe related so all you anti-fashion people, keep reading!)


dress your class- dating

Dress your status: Of course the first on the list has to be about appearance (obviously). If you are in the market for a new bae, you have to dress the part. You never know where you can meet a potential date. Stay woke!


nude makeup- dating

Natural makeup: This bit can never be over-emphasized. Aside the recurrent harm to the body, guys may get scared off by the clownish looks. Makeup is meant to accentuate your already existing features. Don’t become a complete stranger to them.


pretty nails- dating

Keep nails pretty: Men, this applies to you too oh! There is nothing more disturbing that chewed, badly manicured nails. If your manicures are already scraping off and have patches, you better clean them off completely. Good personal hygiene is attractive. That will not be noticed if your nails are unkempt (how will you even eat dinner on a date with dirty nails).


modern dating

Bearing it all out: When you finally find that guy and you go on the first date, keep in mind all the don’ts of first date and you are good to go. Avoid showing too much skin because that can give the wrong idea. Also, remember to keep the Ex talk under lock and key in your house.

Keep your options open: Since you aren’t sure that guy is Mr Right and maybe the relationship isn’t obviously defined. No need to stop. Keep going on dates until you hit the jackpot. Keeping shopping for the right guy and of course clothes too.

I think the most important tip is this- even when all the other tips haven’t worked, don’t give up. It is easy to give up when things don’t seem to change after a while. Don’t lose hope. Dust yourself off and get back on the horse.


Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: wheretoget.it, pinterest.com, fashioncentral.pk, stylecaster.com


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