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‘I’ve been a Hijabi for 4 years and I’m never looking back”


4 Years A Hijabi

Following up from my discussion about Muslim girls demanding inclusivity…

I interviewed a gorgeous Islam compliant Diva who opened my eyes to the fashion struggles and triumphs of Islamic hijabis.

A hijabi is a term used to describe a female who wears the Islamic head-covering scarf respectfully, called Hijab. 

The Urban Dictionary explains that hijab also means “cover” or “protection” against evil things in the surrounding world. 

Most people don’t understand that a Hijab is a choice and isn’t forced by the Islamic religion.

Hijabs have become a huge part of the fashion world which means I had to get a true hijabi in the hot seat to assist me in this feat.

Our discussion amassed why the hijabs are worn, what fabrics are used, where to purchase, how to tie and how to style the hijab.

What term would I use to describe a female like you, who covers her hair based on religious doctrines?

 “ A Hijabi “


On choice 

“I decided to be a HIJABI 4 years ago and I’ve not looked back ever since”


Tips For Females Wanting To Start This Journey

For chiffon scarves, because they shift a whole lot;

Invest in a pin to ensure your hijab stays in place throughout the whole duration of wear.

In these 4 years have you started a collection?

*laughs … I guess! I have a good range.

The scarf I have on right now is a jersey scarf… there’s no pin in it.

Unlike the chiffon scarves I own, these Jersey scarves stay put. They are non-slip. I never have to readjust or re-tie.

Where can one purchase these?

My fave hijab stores are basically online;  ASOS is my go-to

My ASOS shopping style involves me buying in bulk and I rest assured that in at most a month I’d receive my items in Nigeria.

but there’s also a store in Surulere (I can’t recall ) that has super cute scarves.

If you’re strapped for time, MR. PRICE and PEP stores will do the trick.

I shop at the biggest PEP store in Lagos Island, they have EVERYTHING!

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