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A line sheet should not be confused with a designer’s look book. For those that are still new to the business, or have no idea, a line sheet gives sales information to any retailer that wants to place an order for your pieces. One glance at the line sheet and they have the basic information about your pieces that will help them make informed choices. As much as designing is a passion, sales need to be made. When that time comes, every fashion brand has to be ready to answer the demand of the customers. So here’s what your line sheet should contain:


Basic Information: This should contain the name of your business and Logo, your name, contact info (for people to reach you about their orders) and a short description of your brand’s story.

Wholesale information: this should contain the minimum order, shipping policy, accepted payment, return policy, and expiration policy.


Product line: Photo of each item is needed but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Photos should be white background flats. Leave the editorial and creative images for your look book. However, add a little bit of merchandising to appeal to the buyer. This involves a subtle mix of art and colour to make it attention grabbing. When you have a new pieces add a ‘new’ or ‘best-seller’ banner to emphasise those products.

Item information: It is totally up to you how you’d like to number your items.  Some start with SS (Spring/Summer) or AW (Autumn/Winter) and follow with a series of numbers. The range of available sizes and colours should also be provided. Don’t forget your wholesale and retail prices, that’s a major information people need to know.
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Something to consider including with your line sheet is an order form.  Make it super simple for the buyer to fill in the blanks and email right back to you. Have in mind that line sheets don’t convince the buyers to make a purchase but makes the purchase process as easy as possible.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Imagesource:startupfashion.com,designerfashionshowroom.com, fashionmaniagh.com

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