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“I watched as she strut down the runway. The pace of her feet. The length of each stride. The confidence of each step. It seemed almost calculated, yet, with great grace and ease. And I thought: Fashion. Art. Two becoming one.”
From clothing designs to catwalk shows, major labels to boutique houses, the world of fashion is falling over itself to evolve important names from a diverse range of the visual arts.

What could fashion be apart from wearable art?


Every fashionista out there, you must know that you are artists.

Fashion, to me, is mostly about clothes, design and confidence. Combining pattern to make a lovely attire which you can only rock with confidence.

In order to be confident, you have to act it, to feel it. How we act eventually affects who we are. So act it and it will rub off on you.
Written by Ogundemuren Orija Ruth

Instagram: @demuren_ruth

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