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The expression which is fashion, like many other forms of expression, needs to be out there. Think of all forms of art and entertainment and you can identify sites or magazines that are used to express them. Think of a musician that has no way to show his musical talents or a producer that has no artist or medium to showcase his beats. Imagine if an artist draws a beautiful picture and then hangs it in his basement, facing the wall. Even he cannot admire it. This also goes for another art form like fashion. I am sure most people think of fashion as a lesser art, but I beg to differ.
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It takes a certain kind of orientation to see the beauty in the simplest of things. So why shouldn’t we have credible platforms to show our even more amazing fashion trends?

Don’t get me wrong, we have fashion platforms but the key word here is ‘credible’. What makes a credible fashion platform? The era of social media has made more platforms available through the internet. We have fashion blogs like Bella Naija, Style Vitae, The Fashion Engineer, Onobello, among others. They have made a statement that has made them where to go to for fashion information. We also have Genevive, an epic fashion magazine, just to balance off the scale. And of course we have dabbled into fashion shows as well, like Style Me. This gives a sense of the fact that there is business in fashion but we cannot lose sight of that which really matters. And that is the fashion. What should make you go to the platform you go to for fashion advice or inspiration? Here’s why. If it falls short, then maybe it is not credible enough. Look around yourself and figure out really if there are enough reliable fashion platforms.

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First, it is about how it makes you feel. Fashion is an expression. This is regardless of the general opinion. Why be different if you just fit into the crowd like every other person. Everybody has an opportunity to get and give credible fashion information regardless of the social strata. No one says that expressing yourself has to come with a huge dent in your account. If your platform applies only to a certain kind of people (not gender related but more financial oriented), then it would seem that the platform is fashion discriminatory. Now, can you say for a fact that that is a credible fashion platform?

The other side of this would look at the platform’s ability to give useful information and not just create a fantasy. It is all about getting educated on the right way to go with fashion. This goes beyond putting up pretty pictures. I have to get some kind of inspiration and benefit for my fashion choices. I have to get my time’s worth and not leave there feeling worse about myself than before. Now, fashions platforms have to be two-dimensional. In the sense that I can give and take. A platform should not give the assumption that everyone does not know and they are all-knowing. There should be a way to give room for a showcase of individual fashion choices and I don’t just mean the comment box. Most platforms I have come across almost always dictate a certain rule to fashion. But fashion like most other art forms is very fluid. There is nothing cast in stone, or hard and fast. So, no need to say this goes with that, but there should be a sense of direction to the right way

I don’t know about you but I can’t emphasize enough the fact that fashion goes both ways. Think about it, is there really a balance on whatever platform you use. Is this medium one you can recommend to both a guy and a girl. Regardless of what you may think, it is not just a woman’s world. We all have to benefit from everything in this world, we are all entitled to it. therefore, every and anyone is allowed to own and use a fashion platform without prejudices.

So, the platforms credible may not be famous but they are where one should be. All of the above and more should be contained in a credible fashion platform. Think of what you want to know about fashion and how you want the platform to pass it across so as to get the intended message. If it’s not there, then you are not supposed to be either.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

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