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I don’t know what it is about putting looks together for an event but one look is never enough for me personally.

ART X begins tomorrow, mind you its holding at Federal Palace Hotel this year so I’m excited to see how things will play out.

Your fashion fairy godmother is here with outfit ideas and tips on how to dress for an Art exhibition.

I’ve also made sure the list consists only of Nigerian stores with same day delivery for the last minute gang members.

Something white

For two reasons, you’d look like an angel and you’re sure to pop intensely against the artwork.

Photo via Instagram

For the casual lovers, rock a white tee shirt with a satin/silk skirt for fashionista points.

All Things Ankara

A woman can either wear art or be art.

Photo from Instagram via @vdldesigns

Ankara prints can always be trusted.

Other prints are welcome and you can opt for flats to achieve a more comfortable look.

Volumise Effcetively

Kimonos. Billowy Palazzo Pants.Tiered Skirts all these have one thing in common.

Lots of fabric and volume to bring out the royal inside of you.


Choosing the right footwear is important for an opening because you will likely be standing and walking in crowded conditions for an extended period. So no matter how fierce your heels may be, aim for comfier heels unless you super confident to wear stilettos through out.

The Ultimate Accessory

Never forget to accessorize especially if you’re going for a casual look .

Jewellery, handbags, hats, etc.

Make it monochrome from head to toe

“How to Look like a Rich B**ch 101” – Wear different shades of the same color.

Minis Made the Cut

As long as your top half is covered it balances out the show of leg at this event.

When in doubt wear black

You can never go wrong in a an all black ensemble.

Casual or Party Wear, black is your ace.


Now Go Forth and make Federal Palace Hotel your runway!

By: Joan K.Vincent-Otiono

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