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Visual merchandising is purely aesthetics of science and it is without a doubt the backbone of the retail industry. It’s a silent selling technique where both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits.

The purpose of visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customers to make a purchase.

So what is fashion without visual merchandising?

It is said that fashion has to be creative and emotion provoking. Creativity can be effected in the fashion work put out, but the applause on how creative the work is can only be gotten through visual merchandising which will eventually result to sales.

Visual merchandising is commonly employed in retail stores and trade shows. It contributes to a brand’s personality and the characteristics associated with the brand. Everything about a retail outlet should stimulate a consumer and that is what visual merchandising aims to achieve. From the design of the store to the in-store environment, signages used, in-store display, all this visual element play a massive role in building a retail brand therefore help differentiate a brand from its competitors, stimulate brand loyalty, whilst allowing the brand to place premium pricing on their products.

In other words, after achieving perfection in production, the next phase is to achieving 100% in visual merchandising.

In today’s fashion retailing business, visual merchandising plays an important role in bringing shoppers to a store and making them purchase the clothes sold in the store.


The saying “Give the customer a reason to buy” is achieved through merchandising. In a fashion store for example, where products are located and how they are arranged can be done based on shoppers’ buying behavior. Visual merchandising is responsible for easy access and reach of products in a store. When properly done, visual merchandising can affect consumers’ purchase decision thereby ensuring purchase.

Visual merchandising communicates with consumers through elements that stimulate their senses such as music, lighting, aromas and television screens. The environment created around a brand can influence the purchasing decision of consumers. So if you think it’s not important, it’s time to get on board- visual merchandising could be what makes your business… or breaks it.

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