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#fashistory features the history of fashion, story behind some dresses and attires the world over. This will be the first in series of the incredible journey of fashion from the time humans started to identify with fashion.

Our first stop is the 1840’s fashion by men and women.
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  • Men

In the 1840’s, men who sported low, tightly cinched waists, flared frock-coats with rounded chest were term ‘very fashionable’ as this hour glass shape achieved by the ensemble was inspired by Prince Albert.  The men then also wore tight trousers and waistcoats that had high-standing collars and neckties. The hair then was long, quite long but always swept to the sides.



  • Women

The off-the-shoulder style that is trending now has made its impact in the 1840’s. Women wore low and sloping shoulders, with pointed waist and bell shaped skirts. Women wore their hair with parting at the center and ringlets at the side of the head, looped around the ear or just parked into a bun. Shawls as well were very fashionable.

Written by Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Images: vam.co.uk, Google



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