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Central Intelligence Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jason Bateman, Daniel Nicolet, Aaron Paul, Amy Ryan

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Runtime: 107 minutes

The 2016 MTV movie awards kicked off with a stunning entrance by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart; one of the many promo appearances of the duo in promotion of the early summer release of their movie “Central Intelligence”.



The movie Central Intelligence features Calvin Joyner (Hart) and Robbie Wheirdicht (Johnson) who both graduate from the same high school. Robbie, an overweight teenager is bullied by his colleagues and tossed out naked in front the entire school at the Pep Rally. The entire school bursts out laughing, but Calvin helps Robbie by offering him his jacket to cover up.

Fast forward to present day and Calvin is bored desk accountant and Robbie is a seemingly rogue CIA agent. Their paths cross, and a well written story about how pervious experiences define the turn that the lives of individuals take unfold on screen.


Tbh the interactions between Hart and Johnson are really hard to make out. Audiences who are used to the stellar action performance of Johnson in his box office blockbusters will find it’s massively diluted by Kevin Hart’s comedy. Although Dwayne Johnson has had his comedic moments, some of which include movies like Race to Witch Mountain, Tooth Fairy and Game Plan, it is clear that both actors are from different genres of comedy.

It could have been an acting flaw, or by nature of the character design, but the inconsistency between Robbie as an agent and Robbie as a friend of Calvin will leave you asking “Okay, wait, so this guy is supposed to be in the CIA? Really?” This is where most of the comedy comes from.



The direct message that the movie addresses is the issue of ‘bullying’, as the movie goes above and beyond to highlight that bullying occurs at every stage in life and how imperative it is that the bullied party stand up and change the narrative. Arguably, this must have given the movie a solid score in the heart of critics.

This movie is a right pick for those who might not like to go to the cinema often, except to have swell time watching the right movie. But if you’re looking for something award worthy, this one is not for you.


Written by Biodun Laaro

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