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In a world where movie sequels are a thing, here comes one that has somehow been able to survive 15 years. Really, if you’ll be watching this movie with a 16 year old next year, feel free to say “Hey, you were just a foetus when I saw the first part of this movie haha!”


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16 years after the first instalment of the movie in 2002 of the movie, Resident Evil is set to return with its final chapter; after this we hope Milla Jovovich can take several seats along with the franchise. This will be the 6th instalment of the franchise, with its last instalment “Retribution” released in 2012.


Dr Issac from Super hero Hype

The official teaser trailer for the movie (which is out in 2017) dropped online, and though we couldn’t make out most of the fast paced footage it kinda promises a satisfactory ending to the franchise.

The trailer picks up with Milla riding a futuristic power bike activated with finger print recognition; and the first question that pops into our mind is “So umbrella corp still has man power to create future-tech? Weren’t they all supposed to be zombies?”. The central theme deduced from a quick scan of the trailer is that Alice will have to “kill every last one” of the deadites to sanctify her home; which falls in line with the whole idea of the movie’s by-line “Evil Comes Home”. We will see Alice return to “The Hive” and once again face the Red Queen.

We see a couple of other familiar faces in the trailer; the likes of Clair Redfield, Dr Sam Isaacs, Albert Wesker. One scene that got us stoked was the reprisal of the laser room scene. Damn Alice!

From the first instalment of the movie to its fifth, the movie has grossed a total of $915,934,667 worldwide, a beautiful figure when compared to the $250 million budget required to produce all 5 instalments.

Resident Evil – The Final Chapter hits cinemas in January 2017. We will be here to watch.


Alice and Claire

Written by Abiodun Laaro

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