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Chidozie Godsfavour Ugochinyere aka Fave is a blend of R&B, Pop, Soul & dancehall artiste born in Lagos on the 13th of March 2000. Fave’s music is inspired by her desire to tell stories that speak the heart & experiences of people.

N.B.U fave

Her musical influences breeds from Adele , Billie Eilish , Shaggy , SIA and Lorde. The artiste has 2 official singles available on soundcloud, iTunes/Apple Music , Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and every other streaming and download platforms. Singles titled “M.O.M.M.S” and “DAL”.

Fave releases the song “N.B.U” which means nobody but you which stems from a viral video of her freestyling to one of the beats popular Lagos musician, Jinmi Abduls put up on his Twitter.

The song talks about an unwavering love for someone you don’t think you deserve. It’s a song about pledging your lifelong commitment to them and asking if they will do the same.

“Who zombie come be for this kind thing, na shoot and kill” basically talks about fighting hard for a love nobody can stop not even an alien creature can stop the love. You will definitely find comfort in her voice and try to reach out to a loved one you hold so dear.

Listen HERE

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