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Faze has revealed that he is tired of having to mediate for peace between defunct Plantashun Boiz band mates, 2face and Blackface.



According to Faze, he has already made several efforts to ensure that the music stars squash their beef, but all has been to no avail;

I read all what Blackface said about Tuface and what I would advise is that this is 2017. Things have to be different. I don’t want to talk about the issues between both of them. Blackface should go about things the way he wants and Tuface should also do the same. What I just want is for peace to reign. I have made several attempts to iron out the issues between them. I have been going up and down trying to mediate peace between them but all to no avail. I am tired of doing that.”




“Right now, I am working on my project. My album is due to be out very soon and that is what I want to focus my energy on.

The earliest stage of the beef saw the latter accuse the other of stealing his ‘African Queen‘ track.

2face and Blackface are at loggerheads for quite a long period of time starting from the ‘African Queen‘ ownership claims.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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