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A priest of the Catholic Diocese of Jalingo, Rev. Fr. Charles Nyameh has called on all ‘Nigerian-Funds-Looters’ to fear God and return their “loots”.

He said this during a sermon in Monkin, Zing Local Government of Taraba State.

The clergyman urged Nigerian treasury looters to return the funds they stole and receive God’s mercy just like Zacchaeus in the bible.

He said, “our public and political servants who know they acquired their wealth in a corrupt manner, should follow the Zacchaeus example and make restitution of what they stole from our collective wealth.”

“God will not let go all those who stole our resources and corruptly enrich themselves, He is calling on all of us to make restitution for our wrong actions to enjoy his mercies.”

He admonished them to do God’s bidding for the betterment of the society as a whole and for the forgiveness of God for their sins.

“It is definitely not right for a man to consume by himself, what belongs to a whole nation, and It is therefore very necessary that we listen to the voice of God and restitute.”


Written by Okolo Ezinne

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