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By Damilola Faustino

When you love someone very much, you want to do everything to make the person happy and you expect the same from the person in return. So naturally, if you get little or nothing in return, you begin to doubt if they actually love or care about you. It may be time to put your boo though a little test. You may need to relax or pull back in the relationship and create some distance, just to make them miss you a little. Here are ways to perfectly do this:


Think with your head, not your heart

One of the hardest things to do is to take the emotion out of something. But, if you want to pull back in a relationship, then separate your emotions and think about each situation rationally. Instead of chasing them when they blow you off, blow them off right back. Then they will take you seriously since they are aware that you can blow them off.

Do what you love often

If you want to back off in a relationship, then find the things that you love to do and let them distract you. If you are too wound up in a union, it is easy to make it the centre point of your life. It creates a whole lot of drama that doesn’t need to be. Just for one day, do what you love and don’t give any thought to your significant other.

Stay busy

The best way to stop obsessing about a relationship that isn’t going exactly as you want is to find something else to occupy your time. Move over thoughts and anxiety surrounding your relationship. Distraction is the best medicine. Get lost in a book, hit the gym, or just catch dinner with a friend.

Focus on you by making a goal

If you want to know how to pull back in a relationship and create distance, then find a goal to focus on. Instead of focusing on a relationship that creates anxiety for you, find something else to throw all that wasted energy into.

Sit back and let them come to you

If you are always the one chasing them or wanting more, then it is time to take a back seat. There may be reasons to cross back and let them take control. But, if you really want to pull back and create distance, then set boundaries for yourself and for them. Let them pursue you for once while you focus on staying strong.

Stay off their social media

Stop stalking their social media. If you want to pull back in your relationship, the first place to start is to disconnect from their social media page.

Stop letting them control your feelings 

If you know in your heart that something is not right and you need to pull back to gain some perspective, don’t let them emotionally blackmail you or use other forms of abuse to keep you in close when it hurts you. You should shut them down and if need be, move on!

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