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In 2016, Kaffy and Davido got into an issue based on a report that Davido disrespected her dancers during his performance.

In a much recent interview, Kaffy stated categorically that she did not apologize to Davido for calling him names but instead apologized for her use of language.


The world record dancer said:

 “I did not eat my words. I swore in public and I apologised for swearing in public. I did not apologise to David. I did not apologise for his behaviour but for the words I used in public.

“If it is not because of the kind of brand that I am building, I still want to call him that name if I had the chance. Whatever it is, he has apologised. I did not need to make the apology public. He has apologised and has started treating dancers better which is the most important thing for me.”

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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