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By Modupe Lamikanra

Determining your skin type can help you curate your skin care routine and know how to take care of your skin best. Your skin can be Oily, Dry, Combination or normal.  You can figure out your skin type according to the size of your pores. Read on to find out your skin type and suitable beauty regimen:

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First Tip

Oily skin will have large visible pores. If these large pores are in the T-zone, you have combination skin. However, if your skin has no visible pores, you have dry skin.

Normal skin

It is neither too oily nor too dry. You will never really have to deal with breakouts although you will still need to keep up with a simple routine; including serum, cleanser and most crucial, moisturizer.


With this skin type, you will have large visible pores. They will be all over your face, unlike combination skin. For this skin type, it is essential to exfoliate daily.
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For this, it is better to go for natural exfoliates like sand, salt or coffee, rather than products with microbeads that are bad for the environment. Also, using products with charcoal will help soak up that extra moisture.


Here you will barely be able to make out your pores; it can leave skin looking a bit dull and ashy. Eating greens can be beneficial for your skin. They are oxygenating and can give your skin a glow. Dry skin is susceptible to changes in climate. Colder weather will make it appear flakier. Moist is your best friend, and you should make sure you moisturize day and night.

But a critical word of advice for anyone, no matter your skin type: Do not touch your face!

This will transfer any dirt on your hand to your face and clog your pores. So stop touching!

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