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Many people in their 20’s are still figuring out what they want to do with their lives. You graduated from school with a B.Sc. in Mathematics but you find yourself doing something completely different. So, you have to decide if you want to stick with whatever you are doing now or you want to make a career change. It is your decision because you are now independent. A huge part of being independent is when you are able to help yourself financially. So, in line with this, we share financial objectives you should try to reach before 30:

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Financially independent from your parents

You must have met people who have been taking care of themselves for like forever. They do not rely on their parents to take care of them. So, it is quite embarrassing that you are approaching 30 and you are still asking your parents for money. You may not see anything wrong with that but the question is when will you grow up to take responsibility for yourself?

Track your spending

Imbibe the habit of tracking your spending before 30. When you get to 30, it is already part of you.

Get out of debt

30 is an age that the experiences you had in your 20s are expected to come to bear. One of them is your indebtedness. You should try as much as possible to settle all your debts and ensure that you reduce your rate of borrowing money from friends, banks and family members.


Save for retirement

It is the rule nowadays for pension to be deducted from your salary. There are so many pension fund administrators in Nigeria. This may have been taken cared of. But, if you do not work in such an organisation, you should take out part of your earnings to save for retirement.

Focus on your career

Your career should be sorted out by 30. You should not be confused at that ripe age on what you want to do. It is a huge waste of time. If you are not 30 yet, you should decide if what you are doing now is what you really want to. If your answer is no. Please make a career change.

Get rid of a luxury

Most people have a few luxuries they regularly buy. Make efforts to track your spending and see if there is any money being wasted. You may want to get rid of that luxury item.

Diversify your income

This has been over flogged. You can not survive from paycheck to paycheck. Diversify your sources of income. Sell something if you have to!

Establish an emergency fund

Yes, this is possible. An emergency can happen anytime and you may need funds. This emergency fund will suffice. This will stop you from borrowing to pay for the emergency.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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