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food craft


We all have little siblings or cousins; some of us even have kids. And in case you don’t, let me tell you this now- getting children to eat is a damn nightmare. But as it turns out, there’s a life hack for that. When you find the fun side of food you worry less about these cute little children that make your world spin in circles and choose to get on your last nerve when it comes to food time. One minute they are the moon, stars and everything in between, another minute they are just so cranky for food and worse, when the food is ready they do not eat.


food craft 2


Children are very smart and intelligent as they grow up. They are so inquisitive to know more and they are forever all the questions in the world. They are tiny fun lovers with little or nothing to worry about. This is why Walt Disney will never go wrong in their adorable eyes as he just knows the right stories to evoke their little minds.

food craft 1

Kids always get so carried away by bright and beautiful colors, engaging arts and cartoons so it’s time to channel your inner Disney and start incorporating these little things when it comes to feeding them. Expand your level of creativity, bring out the bright side of life, add colors, engage them in the creative process, give them tasks and reward their effort afterward. Trust me they will munch on it till the last bite.


Written by Efe Ohworakpo

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