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See….we will forever love Tobey Maguire….but Oh My God Tom Holland is the web slinger of all time. The new depiction of New York’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman comes in form of the 15-year-old student portrayed by the British Tom Holland who we just found out went undercover as a high school student just to get the feel of it before taking on shooting, even before Civil War came out.

So just how good is Spiderman: Homecoming? Well, let’s count 5 key discoveries we’ve made.

Tom Holland is the Man- He’s the refreshing new Spidey that brings a new angle to the geeky super hero. He brings that talkative spirit from the original comics to the big screen, and as a kid who’s new to the whole super hero deal he gave us a performance that shows us both the powerful, skilled hero and the clueless teenager.

The viewing experience is LIT- The action sequences are as fast paced and sleek as you would expect, especially since Tony Stark put some Iron Man type of upgrades on the Spiderman suit. Spiderman faces off the vulture a few times and pulls off some remarkable rescues. But… yes there’s a slight ”but”, the eventual boss fight between Spidey and the Vulture could have been a bit badasser. We are not sure if the battle actually trumps Tobey Maguire’s train brawl with Doc Ock, or even his fight boss fight with The Green Goblin. (Why are we totally ignoring Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman biko?)

The alterations of characters are kinda cool- Aunt May is a young sexy babito and Flash Thompson (the guy who bullies Peter Parker) is practically a nerd too, instead of a typical jock.

A sequel Will Probably Be Insane- A lot of setting up was done in this movie. It is still Peter Parker coping with life after facing off with Captain America and nurturing dreams of joining The Avengers. As a kid who is still learning the ropes of superheronessity (we just made it up, yes) ”Homecoming” sees him still getting into the groove. So the next movie may have a more brutal villain and bigger challenges that will require him to be tougher, and maybe use that deadly upgrade that makes his eyes go red. If you have not seen the movie, don’t worry we didn’t spoil anything…you’ll get it when you watch.

You May Still Have Other Marvel Favorites– Of course, this may not be the greatest Marvel movie between 2016/2017 as some people may still feel like ‘Captain America: Civil War’ was a greater ride (it was like Avengers part 3…so duh!!) However, Homecoming is still exciting enough to watch…..wait a few months, and watch again when the opportunity comes around.

Don’t wait for any spoilers on Twitter oh, call a friend now, and go check it out.


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