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First dates determine whether both of you are going somewhere or not.

first date

You don’t want to ruin it by discussing irrelevant things. You may know nothing about each other if this happens. If you want to get a second date with the girl you are seriously interested in, what you talk about must be on point. Here are the things you should discuss to ace your first date conversations:

1. Talk travel and not movies

Talking about favourite movies is quite pedestrian. Yes of course, she watches movies and you talking about each other preferred movie. It ends there. But, when you talk about and adventure, travel, and dream holidays, it makes them want to talk more. Through this, you get to know the person you are dealing with.

2. How do you talk about what you discuss?

You can talk about anything with your date. importantly, how do you talk about the things both of you talk about.Don’t dominate and at the same time don’t be dormant. Always contribute. A conversation is like ping pong. In this case, as players don’t stop. You continue until you leave the table.

3. discuss Controversial subjects

Controversial subjects will always loosen the tongue no matter how uncomfortable your date is. Leave all the dull topics and explore the controversial ones. You will know your’s perception, knowledge, sophistication and when he/she is meant to stop hitting on a topic.

4. Share Secrets

It is mostly that you are not going to share your secrets on your first date. But sharing shows that you have absolutely nothing to hide. It builds trust and strong emotional connections.

5.“Do you like the taste of beer?”

According to research, those who say they love beer are likely to be fine with having s*x with someone they just met. If this is the case, nearly half of men (or women) will like to sleep with someone they just met. Well, it then depends on if the lady will allow him. Don’t shy away from talking about beer.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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