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By Sarah Oyedo

This is basically telling you how to shrink protruding tummy in just 3 days!

For most ladies who with time and age have begun to spot a little more gut, bodycon dresses are admired from only afar. Yet they’re too much a temptation as they glamorously emphasize every curve and swell of your body. Well… there’s good news. You can still fit into that beautiful dress you bought and is sitting in your wardrobe, and look good still, if you’re more careful what you put in your mouth. No, I do not mean rigorous dieting or starvation; you can shrink your protruding tummy with just little tricks at least 3 days before that wedding. And slay without having to worry about your stomach sticking out in group pictures. Here are some foods to avoid:


Milk:  Dairy products are known to contain elements that cause excessive bloating. The process used to produce removes its enzymes and makes it one of the hardest foods to digest. So go easy on the milk when having that morning cereal.

Beans: Though a great source of protein, beans like food containing soy can cause bloating which will lead to distended gut. Same goes for all legumes and nuts including peanut butter.

Fizzy Drinks: Soda and all drinks created by carbonation can get trapped in your stomach which will give you’re a poochy look that can last a long time.

White Bread And All Things Gluten: People have been known to lose over 5 pounds in less than a week by staying away from gluten foods like bread, cereals, cakes and pastries and all things made out of white and wheat flour. So curbing that sweet tooth 3 days before the big day will do you much good.

Alchohol: I know you know this so, reminder. Alcohol contains high sugar and artificial preservatives which are one of the major causes of diabetes and obesity.

To detox, drink lots and lots of water before you’ve to wear that dress as this is very effective and natural way to cleanse and detoxify your system to achieve much flatter tummy. If you’re not allergic, you can also try green tea as it is also great for detoxification.

Now, go and show that bodycon who’s still got it!

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